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  • Release on:2016-08-12

Brussels (Brussels) is a Belgian capital and largest city, it is home to the European Union (EU, EU) are the main administrative institutions, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, NATO headquarters, known as the capital of Europe, also more than 200 international administrative center and more than 1000 official groups of daily meetings host city.

Brussels in the senna River, to the north is flat Flanders plain, the south is a slightly undulating Brabant, mesa, with an average altitude of 58 meters. Shangcheng according to the slope and build, for administrative region, the main attractions are Louis XVI style architectural style of the palace, the Royal Plaza, Egmont palace, the National Palace, the Royal Library, modern museum of ancient art. Down town for the bustling commercial center. In the center of the "big square" stands a number of medieval Gothic architecture, which is more spectacular city hall.

Brussels has the most beautiful buildings and museums in Europe, and the skyscrapers and medieval ancient buildings complement each other. The whole city to the Imperial Palace, along the "ring" and the construction of visit to walk.
Brussels is a bilingual city, French and Dutch, French accounted for the majority of users. In addition, Turkish, Arabic and other languages are widely used by the Muslims in Brussels.

In the four major agencies of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union in Brussels, another organization, the European Parliament in Brussels also has branch (the whole Parliament in Strasbourg, France), so it has the reputation of "capital of Europe".