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Before boarding process

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2016-03-23
Least one hour in advance to the airport because the airline has provisions to stop 30 minutes before flight departure handle registration formalities. 

Locate the appropriate counter for rating procedures, I do not know can ask the airport staff, so troubleshooting team. Directly to the counter to find the identity check in person, it will determine the flight information with you. Here, directly checked on it, after some airport Boarding Pass is required to determine where additional baggage no problem, you can go after the confirmation of the security.

When the security ID card to show your boarding pass, you can not bring a weapon, liquid, gas and other items carry a backpack or cup. Such as make-up water is best placed inside checked luggage, or to the security checkpoint you still have to run back to the other package you have not checked now do not want to throw away items. This seemed too much trouble.

Through security when there are artificial security, take off your shoes in the basket on the conveyor belt, the backpack is also a need to put in security, if there is a problem the other will let you open the bag check is generally not a problem.

Next, according to the boarding lounge to find information, and other broadcast notice it.
Radio Tip boarding time with their own baggage boarding pass in your hand, basic and high-speed processes as confirmation to the airport staff, will be parked outside the bus ride take you to the appropriate aircraft boarding gate.

Get off boarding position, while on the plane to rise steadily after lunch boxes and drinks will give you payment, close-flight check is essential to eat and drink and then quickly.

After the plane find the appropriate luggage carousel, luggage when it is best not to use the memory to judge whether their suitcases, luggage handle affixed to place your name and when it was checked out of.