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Be Careful in Typhoon Weather

  • Author:Edith
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-08-23
Typhoon Effects

If a typhoon is approaching, the two most important things to know are its strength and projected route. During typhoons, whether in the countryside or city, there is a high potential for heavy winds and rains that make even the sturdiest of umbrellas collapse. Please keep the following list of points in mind.

- Trains and flights will be delayed and there is a high potential for flights to be cancelled during a typhoon.
- Shopping centers and sightseeing spots may have their hours shortened or will be temporarily closed during typhoons.
- Do not go near mountains or bodies of water as there is an incredibly high risk of landslides, high waves and flooding during a typhoon.
- Roof tiles, signboards and other materials may be blown away by strong winds, so it is a good idea to stay indoors when possible.
- Power outages may occur more frequently during typhoons, so it is a good idea to keep cell phones and music players, smart devices charged when not in use.

Typhoons are powerful and may have long-reaching effects until they have fully passed. Even though you may think "It's fine now", that may not necessarily be true. It may have moved on from where you are currently, but it is a very good idea to still keep an eye on the weather and the situation around you just in case.

Cautions During a Typhoon and How to Pass the Time

During small and weak typhoons, most weather-protected sightseeing spots, indoor shopping centers and amusement/entertainment facilities will remain open and you can pass the time in their establishments. However, the hours of the facility may be shortened or they may close suddenly, so please keep in mind the conditions and availability of transportation home or to your accommodations.

When a large, powerful typhoon is on its way or seems like it is about to move, it is unfortunately best that you stay indoors at your hotel and be alert. It's a good idea to have some books or magazines, extra food or snacks and drinks, and maybe even some playing cards or games or even to check whether the hotel has any DVDs that guests may borrow, just so that you can pass the typhoon in some degree of comfort in your room.