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Aluminum alloy frame is the only choice for photovoltaic modules

  • Author:Zhang Yuer
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-07
Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the earth. Aluminum alloy is based on aluminum and added with a certain amount of other alloy elements. At the same time, it has many excellent properties and is widely used in industry and life. Aluminum alloy frame has always been one of the important auxiliary materials of photovoltaic modules, and has developed with the photovoltaic industry. At this stage, under the two development goals of "cost reduction" and "efficiency increase" in the photovoltaic industry, module manufacturers have adopted a variety of cost reduction and efficiency improvement schemes such as reducing glass thickness, reducing silicon wafer thickness and increasing module size. This puts forward higher requirements for the strength of aluminum alloy frame. At the same time, the rise of aluminum price also makes component manufacturers consider a variety of border alternatives, and even consider canceling the border. This paper discusses the characteristics of frameless double glass components, steel frame, rubber frame and composite frame, and compares them with aluminum alloy frame. As a reference, the application of frame materials for building doors and windows is compared, and the application advantages of aluminum alloy structural materials are discussed. Finally, the input and recovery of aluminum alloy frame are discussed. The results show that due to its own characteristics, aluminum alloy stands out as a structural material in the development of many materials, has an absolute advantage, and the effect of maintaining and increasing the value of assets is obvious. Aluminum alloy frame is the only correct choice for the development of photovoltaic industry.