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Aluminum alloy die casting will be the best choice for lightweight

  • Author:Kerry
  • Release on:2022-08-18

Due to its light weight and corrosion resistance, aluminum alloys are widely used in aerospace, aviation, construction, bridges, ships, machinery and equipment hardware and daily necessities. Through solution treatment and aging strengthening, their mechanical properties can be greatly improved.

The lightweight of automobiles is the necessity of the times. With the development of fuel saving and the implementation of technical measures worldwide, the application prospect of Shenzhen aluminum alloy die castings in automobiles is broad. Let's take a tank truck as an example, because this example is typical. If aluminum alloy is used instead of steel, a tanker with a volume of 45,000L is about 2,500kg lighter than a traditional tanker.

Measured in terms of fuel consumption, for every 100kg of weight reduction of the car, about 0.6L of fuel can be saved by driving the same 100㎞. If fuel consumption is reduced by one liter, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 2.33㎏. Similarly, in terms of vehicle weight reduction, the use of aluminum alloy die-casting control arms instead of traditional steel control arms can reduce the weight of ordinary cars by 13kg.

Therefore, many auto giants have invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to study how to reduce the weight of the body. The use of aluminum alloy die-casting instead of steel to manufacture some parts and components has been continuously used in mid-to-high-end automobiles. Aluminum alloy die casting is a new technology used in civil industry. Taking automobile aluminum alloy die-casting parts as the main object, develop aluminum alloy die-casting technology.