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Aluminum alloy die casting quality

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-07
Aluminum alloy and aluminum parts are light in weight, easy to form, high strength, with the requirements of the mechanical industry and weight, it has been used in the shape of complex large parts.  Aluminum alloy die castings, aluminum alloy die castings also have excellent quality and roughness in terms of shape characteristics, dimensional tolerances and position tolerances, how on earth do we verify that aluminum alloy die castings have been completed? 

The following points will be seen below for aluminum die-casting 
1. Check the surface effect of the die casting. 
Through the aluminum alloy die-casting has a smooth surface, texture, the surface effect is hundreds of times better than the inferior die-casting. 
2 Check the raw materials. 
Aluminum alloy die casting can also be recycled, but there are also aluminum alloy die casting factories using recycled aluminum alloy as material, because the cost is greatly reduced, some manufacturers offer to become a low price phenomenon. 
3. Whether the die steel is imported. 
There are great differences between imported die steel and inferior die steel. The first is that the life of the die is short.  Affects the quality of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, mucous membrane, water peak, cold wave and shrinkage cavity.  Good steel makes good casting.