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Aluminum alloy die casting characteristics and advantages

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-08-23

In addition to having good die casting process properties and better mechanical properties, the die casting aluminum alloy also needs to have the following process properties: 

(1) Good thermoplastic rheological properties. It should have good thermoplastic rheological properties near the low superheat and the line temperature of liquid and solid to realize the filling of complex cavity, form a good casting surface and avoid the generation of shrinkage cavity defects; 

(2) Small line shrinkage rate, avoid cracks and deformation in the process of die casting, improve the dimensional accuracy of products; 

(3) The small solidification temperature range facilitates rapid simultaneous solidification and reduces the number of internal shrinkage holes and other defects; 

(4) Good high temperature thermal strength to avoid hot crack or serious deformation when opening the mold; 

(5) Good performance of casting/mould interface, no chemical reaction with die casting mould, small affinity, avoid alloying reaction between sticky mould and casting/mould interface; 

(6) Good physical and chemical properties, in the state of high temperature melting is not easy to inhale, oxidation, can meet the demand of long time insulation die-casting process. 

Compared with other manufacturing processes, die casting process has high production efficiency, high dimensional accuracy, excellent mechanical properties, high material utilization rate and better economic benefits in mass production.