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Aluminium die casting requirements

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-27

1. Shape and structure requirements of die-cast aluminum parts
Eliminate internal side concave;  Avoid or reduce the core pulling part;  Avoid core crossing;  Reasonable die casting structure can not only simplify the structure of die casting mold, reduce the manufacturing cost, but also improve the casting quality. 

2, die-cast aluminum design wall thickness requirements: 
Die casting wall thickness (often referred to as wall thickness) is a special significance in die casting technology factors, the wall thickness has close relationship with the whole process specification, such as filling time of calculation, the choice of gate velocity, coagulation time of calculation, the analysis of the mold temperature gradient, the action of pressure (final pressure), the duration of stay mould, casting temperature of pack out and operational efficiency. 

3, die cast aluminum design bar requirements: 
After the effect of reinforcement is thin wall thickness change, in order to improve the strength and rigidity of the parts, to prevent reduce die casting aluminum contraction deformation, and avoid the workpiece deformation during ejection from the mould and filling to function when the secondary circuit (metal flow path), the thickness of the die casting aluminum steel should be less than the thickness of the wall, generally take the place of the thickness of the 2/3 to 3/4;