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A Thanks Email from Our Medical Field Customers for Our CNC machining Service

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-12-14

On November 2nd, we received an email from a customer from Israel who made medical bone implant tool accessories.

We provide them with CNC services. They provide us with drawings. The xy-global team assembled the elites, analyzed the production process, processed the mold production, completed the batch of orders in advance, and shipped them within the agreed time. After receiving the goods, the other party was full of praise for the accessories we produced, and also posted a thank you on facebook.

Thanks to customers for their support and trust in the xy-global team, the company will continue to provide customers with more technical solutions and higher product quality.

xy-global is a modern precision machinery parts manufacturer with die-casting and CNC machining as its core technologies. xy-global has physical factories, testing equipment, and integrates rapid prototyping, molds, post-processing and other supporting manufacturing resources to provide customers with rapid Proofing, small and medium batch production trial assembly, truly labor-saving one-stop service; The company has imported computer gongs, milling machines, lathes, grinders and other precision processing equipment, as well as a technical team with non-standard production experience. Experience.