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A Hard Work, A Harvest

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-07-19
  As the saying goes: "a hard work, a harvest." Outside the office plants are colleagues every day careful care. Every day at eight o'clock colleagues to plant soil, watering, fertilization, dressing leaves and so on. Colleagues regard these plants as their own children, each time the flowering, the results will be particularly happy, and we will share these results together.
  The highest survival rate should be Yuluo, the results are the most pepper, and some colleagues are also raw raw pepper, spicy face are red, really cute colleagues. And some colleagues directly to the home to cook chili, the next day brought over with everyone to share. Or their own kind of fruit the most sweet. Looking at the plant germination can not help but want to plant more plants, each time to eat fruit when the seeds left, and then specifically to find a region, planted these seeds, hoping to see the seed again.
  This plant is planted together, so that this piece of office outside the office into a garden, and colleagues can breathe fresh air here. The pressure on the high-rise buildings can be released in this small garden, is another small world of colleagues.