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How to deal with customer bargaining

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-12-11
Buy expensive things people say things, sell things people say something cheap, he did not profit. Since ancient times like this, so that buyers and sellers are always opposite
In the current market to buy things people always say things to buy expensive, sell things people say their stuff is cheap, it has no profit. Since ancient times like this, the problem is that your business and sales of the product quality is too too hard, if reliable quality left margins can sell a little cheaper, as far as possible to meet the needs of the other side, it is impossible to go with the flow, you have your truth, the saying goes, no good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap, that is expensive buy something (good quality, less failure) cheaper to use, cheap to buy things (general quality issues more) expensive to use, you say it? adhere to it, good things always someone appreciated! We are so get over it.

1. Prices do not scream too high, too far off the mark, as we wholesale
Customers are very cunning, to offer people shop around, looking for low unit price of doing unless others do not and you are some products, rare, you can add more design fees. 

2. also tried to call the beginning of the price a little lower, it is a little, little bit bargaining space customers, but customers will always find high unit price, water and more, hard bargain, so sometimes the price is too low not to scream, because they do not know what yet price will anger vomiting blood. half know what are due to low prices but worry about your quality and credibility. 
3. Be sure to stand up straight again encountered bargaining customers, is the test of endurance and wisdom of the time, we will deal with, but also confident: because my product is good, is the price, can not afford, please go people!
Or if you have the beginning, in the future you will be very difficult to maintain the high prices. So, I see you still insist on what, do not compromise the party to do first.

First, must not they reported the company's external reserve price, slightly up 10%, so they have some leeway when talking with the customer.
Second, after the offer, with the customer that this is the lowest of your company given the company --- upset. I hope he do not say cheap and in fact, do not give him the opportunity of lower prices. Make their pre-emptive.
Third, of course, to ensure the quality of their products.
Fourth, if the customer strong demand for lower prices, even though you may be able to call the shots right away, you can also know the price, and do not immediately accept his proposal, do not let him think clearly the product is not worth so much money, and now that the price does not come down Feeling.