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Color zinc plated

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-12-09
Chemical or electrochemical method, the metal surface to produce a layer of colored film or interference film, the film is very thin, and sometimes interfere with the film itself is almost no color, but when the surface of the metal and the film occurs light reflection, light waves cancel each other out to form a variety of different colors, when the gradually decreasing film thickness, color change with general from yellow, red, blue to green, until the color of the film itself. If the thickness of the film is uneven, will produce a rainbow color or spotted variegated.

Another is the use of the metal surface of the hair dyeing process color. Mainly through a large number of micropores metal surfaces or metal surfaces and chemical reaction of the strongly adsorbing dye solution an inorganic or organic dye dyed uniformly to the metal surface. Sometimes also Solution to make electricity and fuel co-deposition of metal ions to produce color.

After zinc plating passivation obtained with different passivation solution passivation film of different colors or white depending on the passivation film generally. Rainbow color passive film corrosion resistance is higher than the colorless passivation film more than five times. This is because the rainbow colors than white passivation film thickness of the passivation film; on the other hand, when the rainbow-colored surface passivation film is scratched, in moist air, the passivation film abrasions near the site of hexavalent chromium have to rub injured parts of the "re-passivation" effect, repair the damage, so that the passivation film restoration complete, therefore, use of rainbow color passivated galvanized. Colorless passivation film appearance of white, mostly used in daily hardware, architectural hardware and other requirements have white uniform surface products. In addition, black passivation, military green passivation, also has applications in industry.