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  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-12-04
Use modified processing of flexible polishing tools and polishing abrasive particles or other media carried on the surface. Polishing can improve the dimensional accuracy or precision of the geometry of the workpiece, but to obtain a smooth surface or specular gloss for the purpose, and sometimes to eliminate gloss (matte). Usually buff as a polishing tool. Buff general multilayer canvas, felt or leather stacked from the system, both sides clamped circular plate with a metal, its rims coated abrasive mixture of powder and oil and other uniform from the polishing agent. Polishing, buff (peripheral speed 20 m / sec or more) high-speed rotation of the pressure to the workpiece so that the abrasive on the workpiece surface micro-machining and rolling, to obtain a shiny finished surface, the surface roughness is generally up Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 microns; when using a non-greasy polishing matting agent, matting on shiny surfaces to improve appearance.

When mass production of ball bearings, often used barreling method. When a large number of crude throwing balls, lime and abrasive on the sloping tank-like drum, the drum rotation, so random and so the ball rolling with the abrasive collision in the barrel in order to achieve the removal of a convex front surface and reduce surface roughness purpose, can remove the remainder of about 0.01 mm. Fine polishing load the ball and fur pieces in barrels, the continuous rotation of hours available dazzling bright surface. Precision line scale processing surface polishing is immersed in the polishing liquid carried polishing liquid by the particle size of chromium oxide powder and emulsion W5 ~ W0.5 the mixture. Buff adopt uniform fine material degreased felt fine wood or specially made, its trajectory is uniformly dense mesh, polished surface roughness of not more than Ra0.01 microns were observed under magnification 40x microscope not any surface defects. There are also methods such as electrolytic polishing.