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Top 9 numbers reveal breath of Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping spree

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2015-11-13
Jack Ma astonished the world again with the jaw-dropping 24-hour sales record on 2015 Tmall Global Shopping Festival on Nov 11, after the e-commerce behemoth’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange as the largest IPO in US history last year.
  Data from every aspect shows the boom of the e-commerce industry in China, especially its expansion in rural areas and the market share of Alibaba.

  91.22 billion yuan ($14.33 billion)
  Alibaba Group saw its gross merchandize volume total 91.22 billion yuan in the 24-hour online shopping carnival, beating last year’s record of 57.1 billion yuan within 12 hours after the spree started.

  Transactions made via mobile Internet devices accounted for 68.67 percent of the total, surpassing PCs for the first time, with gross merchandize volume of 62.64 billion yuan.

  The Singles’ Day is no longer for the Chinese, it has become a global online shopping bonanza, said Jack Ma. According to statistics from Tmall, this year’s carnival covers 232 countries and regions, involving over 5,000 overseas brands.

  467 million
  Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba, reported 467 million delivery orders, much higher than last year’s 278 million orders.

  Over 30,000
  The global online shopping carnival involved more than 40,000 merchants, introducing over 30,000 brands, including over 5,000 overseas ones, and six million kinds of goods.

  12 minutes and 28 seconds
  Alibaba saw its gross merchandise volume reach 10 billion yuan within 12 minutes and 28 seconds after the festival started. Last year, it took 38 minutes and 28 seconds to reach that mark.

  710 million
  Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial arm and the operator of China’s largest online payments provider, Alipay, reported 710 million deals on Nov 11, 2015. It saw 85,900 deals per second at the peak period on the spree, 2.23 times of the amount of last year.

  313 million
  As one of the most popular goods, over 313 million units of mobile phones were sold.

  More than 8,000
  This is the first year that rural Taobao outlets participated in the carnival. More than 8,000 rural Taobao outlets offered services to millions in rural areas.

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