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American eating habits

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-10-27
Americans are eating lunch and before dinner, usually to drink cocktails, but in California, most people drink wine.
? Also, before you eat the staple food, are generally required to eat a plate of salad. Fried mushrooms and fried onion rings as appetizers, steaks, pork chops and chicken (legs) staple food, lobster, shellfish, and a variety of fish, including freshwater fish, even being referred to as seafood. Fried potatoes are loved by the people and has become almost indispensable food.

In addition, special attention should be little, if any uneaten food must be packaged to take home, so as not to waste.
Americans at dinner with a knife and fork, and their way of dining is very particular. Therefore, when the United States was invited to dinner with a friend, should pay special attention to their eating habits. Under normal circumstances, put on the table have a knife and two forks, the outside fork for your salad, the inside of the fork to eat the staple food and other snack foods, the knife used to cut meat. If you use both hands and, should the left hand fork, the right hand to hold a knife, hold a knife and a time not too long.
???? American breakfast there: fried or boiled eggs, sausage, fried potato chips, pancakes, jelly, toast, muffins, orange juice and coffee.

If you are early American restaurant meal, you should note the following:
1. Select the appropriate restaurant (eg: family restaurants, specialty restaurants and buffet-style restaurants, etc.);
2, Restaurant business hours (11:30 am open for business until the night);
3, should generally be pre-booked seats:
4, after reaching the restaurant, you can not go straight to the table next to the table, unless the restaurant has "casual sit" signs;
5, payment, do not forget to leave a tip waiters certain percentage (usually 10% to 15% of the actual total).
?? With the accelerated pace of American life, snack foods have come into being. Its fast-food chains around the world, where the greatest impact was undoubtedly fast-food chain McDonald's. Supply of snack foods: hamburgers, roast beef, steak, ham, sandwich, KFC, fried potato chips, baked pies, ice cream and a variety of carbonated beverages.