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USA famous cities

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Washington (Washington D. C.)
US capital, is the American political and cultural center, and the District of Columbia the same range, with an area 174 square kilometers, a population of about 800,000, mainly for government officials and employees, account for a large proportion of service personnel, most of them black. 1791 was selected as the capital began construction, in 1801 the city moved here at their own expense. 1814 British troops who occupied Congress, the presidential palace etc destroyed. Since the 20th century, built for the modern city.

New York (New York)
America's largest city and largest port, is the center of American industry, finance and the economy, located at the mouth of the Hudson River inject the Atlantic, from the geographical point of view, from the island of Manhattan, New York (Manhattan Island), Long Island (LongIsland) , Staten Island (Staten Island) and the nearby mainland to form; from the administrative point of view, can be divided into Manhattan, New York, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Richmond and other five boroughs, including downtown Manhattan . An area of 830 square kilometers, a population of more than 700 million. In 1686 to build the city, the newly independent United States had this as a temporary capital (after moved to Philadelphia in 1801 was officially moved to Washington). New York-based reputed institutions, famous buildings and the famous entertainment are: United Nations Headquarters; Wall Street (United States financial center);; Broadway (entertainment center); Central Park (the famous park); the World Trade Center (New York up to the Statue of Liberty skyscrapers); the Empire State Building (the world-famous skyscraper); Rockefeller Center (the world's largest commercial and entertainment complex), etc.

Chicago (Chicago)
Second only to New York, the country's second largest city, located in the south end of North Central Michigan, the Chicago River estuary. 1837 Urban, located in sea and land transport to land, is the largest railway hub, there are 32 railway lines (including 19 as a main trunk) meeting here. Is the country's largest grain and livestock market, the main industries include iron and steel, electronics, printing and publishing, food processing. The city has one of the world's tallest skyscraper in the floor of building (the 110-story high, 440 meters). A population of about 2.8 million

Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
US southern city of California, the largest city in the Pacific coast, the nation's third largest city, the largest city in the western United States businesses. Established as a city in 1835. Start small pastoral village, after the discovery of gold in California, population explosion, and then due to railway construction, oil field development, the Panama Canal navigation and rapid development. China has developed into the famous aircraft manufacturing center, film and television center. The city has the famous Disneyland playground (Disneyland), its northern suburb of the famous Hollywood filmmaker center (Hollywood)