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Sea Bill

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-10-22
Simpler trade procedures usually attracts more people to do business. So simple transport program an important factor in determining the pace of development of world trade. Compared with the case of using the bill of lading, the use of sea waybill consignee procedures easier, more timely, more secure. So, after the 1970s began to be accepted by the bank waybill. ICC (International Chamber Of Commerce, ICC) INCOTERMS developed the maritime transport single written document (transport document) into. International Maritime Committee of the 34th session held on June 29, 1990 in Paris by the "International Maritime CMI Uniform Rules" (CMI Uniform Rules for Sea Waybill), making use of sea waybills more normative.

Bill of lading three functions correspond sea waybill also has a function and the function of the contract of carriage of goods receipt to prove, however, sea waybill is not "a document of title." Provisions on dominance are: first, unless the shipper to exercise their right to choose, otherwise the shipper is the only entitled to issue directions to the contract of carriage, the carrier parties. Unless applicable law prohibits, otherwise the goods reach their destination, the consignee of the goods at any time before the request, the shipper is entitled to change the name of the consignee (the condition that the shipper should be in written form or as a carrier to accept The other way, with reasonable notice to the carrier, and thus causing additional costs on the carrier's liability). Second, the shipper shall have the right to be transferred to the consignee's right to choose, but it should be exercised before the carrier accepts the goods, and indicate in the shipping list. The option has been exercised, the shipper shall cease the first item in the right, while the consignee shall have such rights. Carrier responsibility as long as reasonable care to make sure the party claiming the consignee, the consignee would rely on to produce appropriate identification to deliver the goods without the need to produce the original waybill.

Of course, the sea waybill still exist some problems, but it can not replace the bill of lading. Therefore, many shipping companies do not already have their own sea waybill. But in some applicable "electrical discharge" situation, usually you can use the shipping orders.