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Laser engraving

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-09-25
Laser engraving process is the use of numerical control technology, laser-processing medium. Processed material under laser irradiation instantaneous melting and vaporization of physical degeneration, to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser processing characteristics: no contact with the material surface, without mechanical movement affected surface will not be deformed, generally without fixed. Elasticity, flexibility is not affected by the material, convenient for soft materials. High precision, high speed, wide range of applications.

1, is divided into laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, glass (crystal) Neidiao several.
2, the process is by laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machines and other equipment to achieve.

Direct laser engraving of copper, has been considered to be technically feasible, but the laser can engrave zinc. Switzerland MDC-making process by improving the company achieve direct laser engraving. First in a thin layer of nickel-plated copper roll, and then copper on its surface, followed by a layer of zinc plating. This layer of zinc can absorb the laser energy and evaporated, followed by evaporation of copper as well as its following, while generating a load ink network points. After carving, like other engraved cylinder as the final layer on the drum hard chrome plating. Also developed approximately 500W power YAG laser engraving 70,000 per second network points.
Direct laser engraving system has three main components: a high-energy laser, laser transmission systems, optical systems, by adjusting the focal length to adjust the energy per unit area.

With the rapid development of photonics technology, laser engraving technology range more widely, carving precision increasingly demanding. Effect of laser engraving four most fundamental elements are: engraving speed, laser power, engraving precision materials. On the specific material such as to achieve a certain effect engraving, requires absorb some energy laser, this energy should be seen as a material to absorb the laser energy = laser power / engraving speed. Simply put is to improve the material absorbs the laser energy, it should improve the laser power or reduce engraving speed, As for the final which method depends on the material and the final engraving effect. In general, users will avoid the high and low speed, because it would reduce production efficiency. In fact, not only affect the efficiency of engraving engraving speed, carving accuracy because they have a very big impact.