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Coding scheme

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-09-18
Width Adjustment Act

Width modulation coding method refers to the width of the bar code symbol has bar unit and air unit and a character symbol interval composed of wide section unit and air unit, said logic "1", a narrow strip unit and air unit logic is "0", wide strips and narrow strip empty cell empty cell may be referred to four coding elements. code-11 码, code- B code, code39 yards, 2 / 5code code, are used to adjust the width of the encoding method.

Chromaticity adjustment method

Chromaticity adjusting the encoding method is the use of a bar code symbol is a contrast to the bars and spaces identified, Article logical "1" and indicates "0" empty logic. We are the "1" and "0" bar-space known as the basic elements of the basic elements of the width or the width coding, consecutive "1" and "0" can have 2 times the width and 3 times the width and 4 times the width and the like. So this coding method can be called a variety of ways coded elements, such as ENA \ UPC code using eight kinds of coding elements.