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  • Release on:2015-09-18
The international community, including China, collectively known as the bar code (bar code)

EAN Code generally consists of a prefix part manufacturer code, product code and check code components. Product bar code prefix code is the code used to identify the country or region, endowed right EAN International, as 00-09 on behalf of the United States and Canada. 45, 49 The representative of Japan. 69 on behalf of the Chinese mainland, 471 on behalf of China Taiwan, 489 on behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Empowering manufacturer code EAN organizations in each country or region, Chinese manufacturers given the code by the national Article Numbering Center. Product code is used to identify the commodity code, endowed by the right to exercise their own production companies, product bar codes. Product bar code to verify the final product bar code from the left 1-12 numeric code correctness with a checksum. Product bar code is identified by a set of rules means arranged strips, empty their corresponding characters and symbols to indicate certain product information. Wherein the article is a dark, empty of light for reading a bar code reader to scan the device. Which corresponds to a character by a group of Arabic numerals, for people to read or use the computer directly input data through the keyboard. Information in this group and the corresponding bar-space character represented by the same.

Bar code technology, with the development and application of computer and information technology and the birth, which is a set of coding, printing, identification, data collection and processing in one of the new technologies.
Use barcode scanning, it is the trend of the future market circulation. In order to be able to trade freely around the world, widely circulation enterprises both design, application for registration or the use of product bar codes, must follow the relevant provisions of the commodity bar code management.