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metal household goods

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2015-09-18
Range of metal household goods is very diverse. With a certain conventionality can be grouped into the following 15 groups: flat and long steel, wire and fasteners, Hardware, Locksmith, goods and fixtures, metal utensils, tube items and heating appliances, cutlery,
Form for injection molding,the imposition of a form of injection molding,five cars shaft with digital control,blow mold, various household items, instrumental goods, small farm and Obozny inventory. In each of these groups include a number of products which may vary between a number of features - pictures, purpose, method of production, the nature of the finish, razmerom.Nizhe is a brief description of each product group.
Steel flat and long.This group includes roofing steel sheet and section steel.

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