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Austria holiday

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  • Release on:2015-09-06
Narcissus Festival

Bad Aussee Daffodil Festival is Austria's largest theme with flowers folk festivals, elected during the holiday season when the "Narcissus Princess", and held floats, parades sight-seeing. 2009 Bad Aussee Daffodil Festival is 50th.

Vienna Brass Band Festival

June 6, 2009, in the center of Vienna, Austria show at the 30th session of the Vienna Brass Band Festival. 40 brass bands from Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Liechtenstein and other countries, a total of about 2000 musicians participated in the day's play and parade performances

Medieval Festival

Carinthia in southern Austria, a man named friesach Alps town friesach built in the Middle Ages, is Carinthia's first town, also in Austria when the north and south on the commercial channel will through. Since 1996, residents of the town gradually formed a tradition: to hold a three-day "Medieval Festival" every year the last weekend in July to commemorate the establishment of this town. During the festival, the town with all modern traces of straw, sacks and other objects block, town residents both men and women have to wear medieval clothing, full simulation of life of that era.

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival was originally a local farmer slightly religious activities to celebrate the harvest thanksgiving colors, has now become a farmer to showcase their products and promote their agricultural marketing and distribution stage.

Potato Festival

Glass potatoes Festival began in 1997, now has developed into the largest local fall of commodity trading and food festivals. The first weekend in October each year of the potato festival is able to this town of 1,400 residents just to attract at least 1.3 million visitors.