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Austria Introduction

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  • Release on:2015-09-06
Republic of Austria (German: Republik ?sterreich, English: The Republic of Austria), referred to Austria (Austria), is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. And multi-country bordering Hungary and Slovakia to the east, the south of Italy and Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the west, north Germany and the Czech Republic. Vienna is the capital and largest city, population of over 1.7 million, land area of 83,855 square kilometers.

Austria was ruled central Europe 650 years the core part of the Habsburg dynasty. Other nations have Slovenes, Croats and Hungarians, 1% of the total population. The official language of German. 78% of residents were Catholic.

Austrian industrial characteristic is the high degree of nationalization, state-owned companies control 95% of the basic industries and more than 85% of the power industry, the output value and the number of workers account for 70 percent of its total. Today, Austria is the country representative democracy half a semi-presidential parliament, including nine under federal states. Austria is one of the richest countries in the world today, in 2012 per capita GDP reached $ 46,330. Its Human Development Index ranked 19 in the world in 2011. At the same time since 1955 that members of the EU, is one of the founding members of the OECD. 1955 declared permanent neutrality, in 1995 signed the Schengen Convention, 1999 to accept the euro.