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Traditional oil paper umbrellas

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2015-08-07
oil paper umbrellas is a type of paper umbrella that originated from China. It subsequently spread across Asia, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand and Laos. People in these countries have further developed the oil paper umbrella with different characteristics. As the Hakka moved to Taiwan, the oil-paper umbrella also began to develop in Taiwan.

Other than the purpose of providing shade, oil-paper umbrellas are also traditional essential wedding items. In both traditional Chinese and Japanese weddings, the matron of honour would cover the bride with the oil-paper umbrella upon arrival in order to avoid evil spirits. Purple umbrellas are a symbol of longevity for the elders, while white umbrellas are used in funerals. Oil-paper umbrellas are also used as props in Japanese traditional dances and tea ceremonies.

In the early Hakka society, two umbrellas were usually given as dowry, due to the "paper" and "child" homonym in the language, symbolizing a blessing for the woman to "give birth to a son soon", a propitiatory compliment to the newlyweds at the time. Also, as the character "umbrella" contains "four people", gifting the umbrellas represents a blessing for the couple to have many sons and grandsons. In addition, because of the "oil" and "have" homonym, and that the umbrellas open into a round shape, they symbolize a happy, complete life. It was also customary to give an umbrella to a 16-year-old young man at his rite of passage.

In religious celebrations, oil-paper umbrellas are often seen on the sacred sedan chairs as cover, used to shelter people from rain and sunlight, also to drive the evil spirits away. Today, oil-paper umbrellas are mostly sold as works of art or souvenirs.

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