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CNC operating procedures

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-07-30
1, it must first boot the machine owned by origin, if the machine is no longer running, you must heat engine idling 5- 10 minutes after boot. 

2, first look at the program before processing single parts and 2D maps, check with the workpiece same word, the same
size, and the control program put single reference angle determines the direction of the workpiece and clamping

3, the workpiece must first be cleaned before the machine work table, workpieces have draped peaks, burrs, when
necessary oil stone, file to clean and wipe clean grease, dust. 

4, playing table should pay attention: If concentrate should detect parallelism of the workpiece, the vertical and
horizontal degrees, determine the workpiece at right angles to the rear of the calibration points

5, points in the program should be seen as a single reference to the edge, you must check points finish after again,
please exercise machine leader or co-workers, if necessary, check each other. 

6, see the program should be loaded knife single given tool diameter, a long knife, and according to the machining
shape, the right choice for head, knives, non-roughing, knife's blade, the tool used in combination. The blade should
be installed on the machine will tip cone and spindle taper surface clean. Must be blown clean blade when loaded knife,
cable Tsui ensure concentricity loaded knife. Light, when knife alloy knife blade to measure swing, swing knife light
within 3 wire, knife within one wire. Flying light, tool radius must be measured when the knife, the knife diameter
within 5 wire, knife diameter within 2 wire. The knife should see a single program given to flank. 

7, before the start of each program should look toolpath simulation to determine the program without problems
reprocessing. When we first began working feed rate hit a low or go single operation, the tool properly engage the
workpiece after the feed rate, and take the first knife to confirm the depth and the knife position is correct, there
are problems should immediately stop processing. 

8. gong to be locked in advance of copper plate, copper materials and check the size of the screw holes in the correct direction, failed to return fitter copper materials, aluminum copper company for locks or special processing
requirements of copper required single correct clamping control program bad points in the copper material to
programming division road test the knife cut. 

9, must be suspended, the workpiece machining of large and important program gong to play after the first knife to make
relevant programming division card number to confirm the shape of the workpiece left margin is adequate, whether the
eccentric. The operator is found during processing tool used programming division, programming, parameter unreasonable,
resulting in shock, playing knife, abnormal sound, knife tablets excessive wear and tear and so on, must promptly
.notify the programming division improved.

10. The operator must pay close attention to the process tool knife tablets wear, timely replacement of the grinding
tool or knife tablets, Arbor avoid cutting knife or damage.

11, in the normal operation of the machine should do under the next program or a workpiece preparatory work, such as
the copper gong same need to string a good knife, knife-long program to save processing time. Workpiece table 

12. After the opening must be cleaned rough, shiny knife before cutting open after clear the iron is prohibited without cutting open the shiny knife. 

13. After the workpiece to be easily measured through calibration, caliper, plug and visually inspect workpiece
dimensions appearance of the workpiece, the workpiece is determined whether there are qualified; Ingredients, such as
aniseed knife with Flying time required more than two hours by measuring the tool radius view knife tablets wear and
notify the relevant programming division together to determine the accuracy of the workpiece. Before the plane after passing the examination. 

14, the workpiece is removed, work surfaces should be clean, tools and finished workpiece machining process used to
tear down and neatly placed horn.