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Die casting mold

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-07-17
Die casting consists of two parts, namely the part of the activities partially covered, they bind part is called the parting line. In the hot chamber die-casting, the cover portion has a gate, compared with the injection port in a cold chamber die casting.The molten metal into the mold can be from here, this part of the shape with the hot chamber die casting cold chamber die casting or injection nozzle of the injection chamber match. Activities usually include push rod and a flow channel, the so-called flow channel is the channel between the gate and the cavity, the molten metal into the die cavity through this channel.Cover portion is usually connected to the fixed platen or front plate and the movable part is attached to the movable platen. The cavity is divided into two cavities inserts, they are separate components, it can be relatively easily removed or installed by a bolt from the mold.

Mold is specially designed, when the mold is opened and the casting will stay in the active part. Such activities will be part of the push rod to cast go to launch, putting is usually driven by the platen, it will use the power of exactly the same size at the same time to drive all the putter, so as to ensure the casting is not damaged.When the casting is
pushed, the platen shrink all the putter back, ready for the next die-casting. Since the state is still in a high temperature casting mold release, only putting a sufficiently large number in order to ensure that the average pressure on each push rod is small enough not to damage the castings. However putter will still leave a mark, it must be carefully designed so that the position of the plunger will not cause too much impact on the functioning of the casting.

Other components include a mold core skateboards. The core is used in the opening or openings of the casting member, the details of which can also be used to increase the casting. There are three main core: fixed, movable and loose. Direction of the fixed core with the casting direction parallel to the extrusion die, they are either fixed or permanently attached to the mold.The movable core may be disposed on any direction except the direction of extrusion, before the mold is opened after solidification, separation means must be used from the active core cavity out. Slider and very close to the core activities, the biggest difference is that the slider can be used to make undercuts surface. Used in die casting cores and sliders will be a significant increase in costs. Also called a loose core blocks removed,
can be used to manufacture complex surfaces, such as threaded holes. Before the beginning of each cycle, you need to manually install the slide, and finally was introduced together with the casting. Then remove the loose core. Loose core is the most expensive core, because it requires a lot of labor manufacturing, and it will increase the cycle time.