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China seizes meat from the 1970s in crackdown on smuggling

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  • Release on:2015-07-01
More than 100,000 tonnes of smuggled frozen meat — some of it as much as 40 years old — has been seized this year in China’s latest crackdown on food safety violations.
Chicken, beef and pork with a value of almost $500m were found in operations as part of a campaign launched last year to stamp out rampant smuggling of farm products.
If it were all beef, the haul would be equivalent to the meat that butchers could obtain from 500,000 cattle.
Mainland China’s strict import curbs on beef — Beijing allows a handful of countries to export it to its shores — have produced a thriving trade in meat smuggled in from Hong Kong and neighbours, including Vietnam.
Some estimates put the lost tax cost to China at $1bn a year.
While meat can be frozen safely for a long time, smuggled supplies are not so well supervised, officials have warned. Cargoes from Vietnam often move by motorcycle, unrefrigerated van or even sampan.
This month, China’s customs authority said staff had caught 21 gangs involved in the practice. Some of the meat seized was decomposing, the customs authority said.
“Horribly stinky! A truck of them make me almost vomit,” one customs officer told China’s Xinhua news agency.
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