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People on such a lifetime

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-06-25
I used to, "so people on a lifetime" is remind ourselves and persuade friends. This, easy to say, sounds easy, think it is very deep. It makes me weak at the time to become brave, proud to become humble, decadence have become active, the pain becomes joy when, on any matter can also get fit, so I call it "a wake-up call", "Proverbs on the seventh." - I often think the world of the laboring, TU grudges and resentment, if not resolve, and should not endure, and do not have this short period of several decades vanish on it? If so, what ones can not be untied? 

People on such a life, thought of this remark, if I were the hero, they will have to create more great exploits; if I were the scholars, they will have to access to higher learning; what if I love people, they will have to boldly tell her. Today because the past will no longer come; this in our lifetime the past, nothing disappeared. Not read a book, did not speak a word is no chance. This precious life, I have a good grasp it ah! 

People on such a life, you can actively grasp it; the ground it can also take it lightly. Take things too hard about it, so relieved now! Think about it when the spirit of decadence to your Thanksgiving! However because you are always blessed with this life, this should not have been in vain ah. 

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