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Motherhood is tough and intense but it is not a job

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-06-18
Around the time I returned to work after the birth of my first child I went to visit a lawyer friend who had also just had a baby and had decided to stay at home to look after him.

The lunch was going fine until I said that I envied her not having a job: it must be nice to be with her son all day. She looked at me with something close to loathing. She did have a job, she snapped. Bringing up her child was most definitely a job, and a much more worthwhile one than anything to do with corporate law.

But was she right? Is motherhood a job? Margaret Thatcher thought it was — according to her, bringing up children was a management job. The Queen apparently thinks so too and told Kate Winslet that it was “the best job” there was.

Yet it now seems that middle-class mothers have changed their minds. The same sort of women who used to get furious with anyone who implied that raising children was not a job, are now equally indignant with those who say it is one. Last week Mumsnet, the social network for parents, put out a press release laying down the new law: “Motherhood is an emotional journey, not a job.”

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