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Super El Nino will trigger the global extreme weather, North China or extreme heat

  • Author:Judy
  • Release on:2015-05-27
China Daily net May 27 (Xin Lian) this summer, the deadly heat wave swept across India, parts of the temperature reached 48 degrees, resulting in more than 1100 deaths. According to India media reports, the main reason for the high temperature lasting is the monsoon season before rainfall plummeted. According to the Wall Street informative reported that a record may be the strongest El Nino phenomenon is being formed.
El Nino refers to the phenomenon of the large area of the Pacific Ocean in the equatorial sea area of abnormal temperature. According to Xinhua News Agency reported. Axel Timmerman at the University of Hawaii in the United States believes that this is likely to be a "super El Nino", "under the sea water temperature is very high. It not only moved to the East and will be arrived at the sea." Timmerman, according to reports, the current U. S. climate model analysis showed that the strength of the El Nino may comparable to the 1997 to 1998 that round of El Nino.