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World's oldest man reach 116 years old

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  • Release on:2015-05-26
The world's oldest-known person, Jeralean Talley, has turned 116.

Talley was born on May 23, 1899, in Georgia, USA. She moved to Michigan in 1935 with her husband, who died in 1988.
According to the Gerontology Research Group validating the ages of the world's longest-living people, Talley became the world's oldest person after Gertrude Weaver died at 116 in Arkansas in April.
Talley is followed by Susannah Jones of Brooklyn, New York, who turns 116 in July.
Talley's 77-year-old daughter, Thelma Holloway, says her mother still has a sharp mind.
"You're the oldest person in the world, she says that's what they say hahaha."
Holloway says her mother bowled until she was 104 and still likes to go fishing.
Talley will celebrate her birthday twice: one is a party with family and friends at a restaurant in Inkster, Michigan on Saturday; the other is a party today at her church, New JerusalemMissionary Baptist, where a front row seat is always kept for her.

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