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Available to sit

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-04-15
An American teacher in China to teach Chinese colleagues always said to her: "'d come around." However, six months later, American colleagues had never married. Chinese colleague said to her: "I really welcome you to sit at home, if not empty, then called to talk at any time will do.." A year later, neither American colleagues to call, no visit. Strange thing, the Americans often for no one invited her frustration.
        Cultural differences:Stopping by relatives and friends of the contract between the Chinese very casual thing, do not need to invite people to visit each other to determine the time that he went to visit someone else without the consent solemnly. Americans do not have the habit of stopping by. Within a year we encounter a major holiday, only to family and friends to get together. Usually if something happens to your door, make an appointment to have the time to achieve exact. Do not get each other's answers, when the door anytime just impolite. Therefore, the US colleagues "'d come around." This sentence only as a virtual ceremony courtesy, not as a formal invitation. Phone chat is nothing Americans as upset a person's private time and activity arrangements hair is behavior. To invite the Americans home, it should be sincere to each other to agree on a mutually convenient time.
        Special advice:Determined to date about the time and place to take the initiative
        You can use the following sentence:
        (1) I'd like to make an appointment with you. When will you be free /available?
        (2) Let's get together some time next week. What date do you suggest?
        (3) How about coming to my place for dinner this Saturday?
        (4) I'd like to ... What time would be convenient for you?
        (5) Would ... suit you?
        (6) I wonder if we could arrange a meeting ...
        (7) Do you happen to be free on ...?
        (8) Have you got any plan for this weekend? How about ...?
        (9) I am having some friends around during the weekend. Would you like to join us?

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