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Macao's return to China

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Macao's return to China

October 3, 1984 , Deng Xiaoping proposed initial public with the " one country two systems " principle to solve the problems left
over by history of Macao . In 1986, the Chinese and Portuguese Macao government began a four bargaining issues.

In 1986, the Chinese and Portuguese Macao government began a four bargaining issues . In 1987 , the two leaders signed the "
Government of People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Portugal Joint Declaration on the Question of Macao
" and two annexes in Beijing . The joint statement said Macao is Chinese territory, People's Republic of China will be held
December 20, 1999 to resume the exercise of sovereignty over Macao . China committed to the implementation of one country to Macao
, Macao people can enjoy the protection of a "high degree of autonomy and Macao people governing Macao ' rights.

March 31, 1993 , by the National People's Congress in Beijing , " the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region ." 1999
years ago, a Chinese territory under Portuguese administration , Macau 's sovereignty belongs to China.

At 0:00 on December 20, 1999 , in Portugal two heads of state witnessed the first Governor of Macao Viera 127 and any one of any
of the Macao SAR Chief Executive Edmund Ho regime in Macau Macau handover ceremony venue inside the port . The following day (
December 21 ) morning , the PLA Macao masses Australian troops stationed in Macao ; thus , People's Republic of China formally
resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Macao.

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