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Brief introduction of Macau

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Brief introduction of Macau

Macau (Macau), called the Macao Special Administrative Region People's Republic of China . Zhuhai City , Guangdong Province, north
, west and Wan Chai and Hengqin Zhuhai , looking East and Hong Kong across the sea, a distance of 60 kilometers , south of the
South China Sea .

In 1553 , the Portuguese Macao obtain residency , December 1, 1887 , Portugal and the Qing government to sign the " Sino-
Portuguese meeting about grass " and " Portugal and Trade Treaty," the official diplomatic instruments and procedures for this
occupation in Macau turned into a colony. After the baptism of 400 years of European civilization , the integration of Eastern and
Western cultures coexist Macao into a unique urban style , leaving a large number of historical and cultural relics. Historic
Centre of Macao on July 15, 2005 officially became a United Nations World Heritage Site [ 1 ] . December 20, 1999 Chinese
government resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Macao . After the return of Macao to China , rapid economic growth , more
prosperous than ever , is a successful example of one country.

Macau is an international free port, is one of the world's highest population density areas , but also one of the four casinos in
the world . Its famous light industry , tourism, hotels and casinos in Macau so enduring , becoming one of the world's most
developed and affluent areas.

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