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"Intelligence" can make right Guangzhou CNC the most shining

  • Author:Harold
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-04-02
The sixteenth international shenzhen machinery industry exhibition in 2015 on March 30, the memorial opened in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, extension from 30 to April 2, exhibition area of more than 110000 square meters, attracted more than 1100 from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other 16 manufacturing powerhouse enterprises exhibitors, including several global industry leader, the exhibits over many sets of machine tool system and more than 3600 exhibits.
Guangzhou nc (GSK) as nc industry base in southern China, for more than 20 years has been devoted to the study of machine tool numerical control system of industrial development and practice of professional machine tool numerical control system, servo drive and servo motor "trinity" of complete sets of solution, at the same time, actively expand to the field of industrial robot and fully electric injection molding machine, has become a collection of science, teaching, industry and trade in one of the high-tech enterprises.The shenzhen machinery exhibition, GSK will the booth arrangement in intelligent integration and robot exhibition hall, nearly 200 square meters of the booth will be divided into industrial robots and CNC machine tool processing scene demonstration and CNC system, servo drive motor three exhibition areas, such as research and development of the company's latest RSP05-600-150 horizontal multi-joint robot, RH06 welding robot welding (double location), milling machine/grinder/lathe/engraving and milling machine CNC system, GPS general programmable controller, and other products series, fully shows the GSK in automation in the field of flexible manufacturing technology advantages and strength.