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Qingming Festival

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Qingming Festival

Ching Ming Festival , also known outing in mid-spring and late spring and summer, which is the first 108 days after the winter
solstice . Is one of the traditional Chinese festivals , the most important holiday of sacrifice , is the worship and the graves
of the day. Han Chinese traditional festival began about the Zhou Dynasty , dating back more than 2500 years of history.
Influenced by the Han culture, China 's Manchu , Hoche , Zhuang, Oroqen , Dong, Tujia , Miao, Yao , Li, aquarium , Jing
nationality , Qiang and other 24 ethnic minorities , but also have had the custom of the festival . Although practices vary around
, but grave worship , outing outing is the basic theme.

Qingming first name only a throttle , turning it into a festival commemorating ancestors and Hansik related. Gong after the Cold
Food Festival day as the festival . Most of Shanxi Province is the day before the festival over the Cold Food Festival ; Yushe
County a few places in the two days before the festival over the Cold Food Festival ; Yuanqu also pay attention to the day before
the festival for Cold Food Festival , two days before the small Hanshi.

Qingming Festival is one of the important " when the festival eight years ," China , usually around the calendar April 5 , section
a long period, there is the 10th 8 10 10 days later and before the two statements , which are nearly 20 days Qingming Festival .
Fifteen days after the festival was originally refers to the spring equinox , the ROC government in 1935 set out on April 5 for a
national holiday festival , also known as Tomb Sweeping Day national.

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