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Aluminum decorative accessories

  • Author:Harold
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-04-01

Guardrail accessories in the of decorative aluminum spent General used pure aluminum ingots as material, few of aluminum business decorative spent also will used magnesium alloy process, magnesium alloy and die-cast aluminum process xià of decorative spent in shape shàng and did has too big of distinguish, in guardrail industry within everyone common of awareness is magnesium alloy guardrail spent to than die-cast aluminum of weight to light, but is on specific distinguish did no too much of understanding, following Wuhan to Sheng metal products factory will from guardrail Accessories products and process shàng analysis both of difference.
Magnesium alloy guardrail accessories to than die-cast aluminum accessories weight light, this is magnesium alloy of a big features, magnesium alloy weight light, hardness high, specific heat effect good is its advantage, guardrail shàng using magnesium alloy as raw materials making guardrail accessories is zinc steel guardrail accessories in the of a big highlights, but to clear distinguish magnesium alloy accessories and die-cast accessories of differences, just weigh accessories of weight, we needs understanding real meaning shàng of magnesium alloy is how making of. Process from mold making to the process of magnesium alloy and aluminum die casting aside big differences, good flowability and low specific heat, faster than the die-cast aluminium alloy solidification. Requires shooting time shorter than the aluminum alloy of magnesium alloy at least faster than the aluminum shooting above 30% gate speed is higher than that of die-cast aluminium alloy. Therefore, magnesium alloy die casting product under the same apparent size, less area than die-casting aluminum alloy die casting molds, and exhaust must be better than addition of magnesium alloy die casting aluminum alloys in more nuanced ways, never flew, and prone to accidents. Machines injection speed should be higher than that of die-cast aluminium alloy.
The manufacturing processes of magnesium alloy in die-cast aluminium can be done mechanically, so it is difficult to distinguish between pure product appearance is magnesium alloy materials, or rather the cost ratio of magnesium alloys is%E.

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