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Blow molding process conditions

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-03-27
Blow molding process conditions

The purpose of adjusting the process conditions , the minimum wall thickness to meet the requirements of the
product based on the product wall thickness as uniform as possible , the product piece weight as small as
possible ( to reduce the material consumption ) . Reasonable process parameter setting method is to combine the
experience and numerical analysis techniques . The basic process for:
① using computer models have been established to simulate blow molds, cutting the parison , clip boards and
other state material ;
② input parameter distribution on the various stages of the parison wall thickness
③ the simulation results are analyzed by computer simulation shows which parts of the wall thickness below
standard, and which parts of the wall thickness of the thick ;
④ artificial experience, adjust the input parameters , repeat ① ~ ③ process to ensure that products reach all
parts in the minimum wall thickness of the premise, as far as possible to reduce the wall thickness of each part
of the product .
⑤ results of several technology solutions for analysis, comparison , and ultimately determine the optimum
process parameters . Also known as biaxially oriented stretch blow molding, is in a state of high-elastic
polymer mechanically stretched parison axial , radial blown with compressed air ( stretching ) parison to the
method of forming packaging containers . There are one-step stretch blow molding , two -step

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