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Blow classification

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  • Release on:2015-03-27
Blow classification

Blow divided into injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding, injection blow
molding is the first plastic injection molding parison bottom , then the parison into a blow mold blow forming.
Extrusion blow molding process , extrusion tube directly from the extruder , and hanging in a separate pre-
installed in the cavity of the nose just below ; when sagging parison achieve the required clamping length
immediately , and by die cuts off the tube ; from the hole mold parting pass into the air , so parison inflation
close to the mold wall and molding ; after packing until the product is cooled in the cavity mold removal
products stereotypes.

For thermoplastics hollow blow molding of many varieties , the most commonly used materials are polyethylene,
polypropylene , polyvinyl chloride, and thermoplastic polyesters , etc. , used to forming packaging containers
of various liquids , such as various bottles , drums, cans and so on. Distinguish extrusion blow molding and
injection blow molding ( including injection stretch blow ) method is to observe the bottom product , at the
bottom there is a kind of navel injection point is the injection blow molding or injection stretch blow molding
products , at the bottom there is a parting line is crowded the blow molding products

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