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Blow molding process

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  • Release on:2015-03-27
Blow molding process

Different blow molding process , due to raw materials, processing requirements, and differences in production
costs , have different advantages in the processing of different products. Detailed blow molding process can

From a macro perspective on here blow characteristics. Hollow blow molding products include three main methods :
extrusion blow molding : mainly used unsupported parison processing ; injection blow : mainly used by supported
metal core preform processing ; stretch blow molding include: extruding a draw- blow molding, injection blow
molding and stretch a two methods , processability biaxially oriented products , greatly reduce production costs
and improve product performance.

In addition, multi-layer blow molding, blow molding pressing , dipping blow molding, foam molding, blow molding
and other three-dimensional . However, 75% of the blow-molded article by an extrusion blow molding , injection
blow molding with 24% , 1% with other blow molding ; all blow molding products , 75 % are biaxially stretched
product . Advantages of extrusion blow molding is a high efficiency, low cost of equipment , tooling and
machinery wide range of options , the disadvantage is a higher rejection rate , recycling waste , the use of
poor thickness control products , raw material dispersion is limited , molding after trimming operations must be
carried out.

Advantages of injection blow molding process is that there is no waste generated , can control the thickness and
material dispersion products , the narrow neck molding products of high precision , surface finish, can be
economically small batch production. The disadvantage is the high cost of molding equipment , and to some
extent, is only suitable for small blow moldings .

Blow molding process conditions , require blown parison mold compressed air must be clean . Injection blow air
pressure is 0.55 ~ 1MPa; extrusion blow pressure of 0.2l ~ 0.62MPa, and stretch blow pressures often require up
to 4MPa. In the plastic solidification , low pressure so that the internal stress generated in the low article ,
stress dispersion more uniform , and low tensile stress may improve the article , impact , bending and other

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