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XY-GLOBAL a the qualifIed supplier of FLEXTRONICS SAMSUNG ......

  • Author:Harold
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-03-27
XY-GLOBAL is an international company, established in 2005, in China's shenzhen and dongguan respectively has a research and development team, sales team and production team, sales office in the USA and Israel, with many customers around the global.

XY-GLOBAL new major line of products is CNC Machining Parts, CNC Lathe Machining, Punching & Stamping Parts, Extrusion Parts, Die Casting Parts, etc. Our major customers are SAMSUNG, LG, ASUA, TOSHIBA, FLEXTRONICS, FUJITSU.

Our company have a very strong engineering and designing team  with 5-10years working experiences. We professionally design the products and make the drawing and double check the drawing,in order to provide the most reasonable and perfect products.