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Maternal power "eternal" Wrestling

  • Author:Harold
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-03-27
As the capital, and electricity at home can heyday, is a comprehensive platform to expand the category, is aggressive, the other is vertical and the power industry.Integration Platform Lynx year set up a high threshold of the new regulations Chinese businessmen maternal and infant, Jingdong just opened March 25, the mother of a child under the net store experience, vertical shoots honey baby baby, babe, best products have get the level of investment of tens of millions of dollars ...
In fact, today thousands of electricity and mother and baby group fights I like, vertical entrepreneurs money is easier than making money, whether there is sufficient capacity and resources are the most important thing, though diversified, integrated platform In perpendicular to all types of non-use of the vertical electric provider is too big, this article focuses on the maternal and infant electricity suppliers to make a sort of rapid development, maternal and infant power struggle point analysis Where?
Maternal and infant products themselves are a special category, because the mother and baby are very in need of protection, for the quality of the product is very high, the real-time demand for the product is relatively strong.And baby products, is now a standard product by brand monopoly, good, cohabitation and other products, so that maternal and infant products in the process of optimization is one of the fastest growing electricity consumption is not dominated by the price before the idea, but the transition to quality-oriented, consumer and brand, purchase channels and logistics services, and even more value.So, the question also followed, and now the efficiency of product quality control and distribution of maternal and infant goods business enterprise can achieve what level?
Commodity supply current and electricity supplier platform in three forms: the first is the brand or authorized agents shipped directly to do so to save a very large logistics and warehousing costs, but only through post-sampling quality control, especially the effect of agency work in general;Team selected products, the second is through professional buyers, even in rich product category, but quality control is the worst;The third is the corporate brand of origin of the goods straight or direct state cooperation.
Obviously, and the third form is the safest, but for emerging companies, may not have to communicate with the road until fission has hung on the road, too, this is just the integration platform long board.In 2014, Jingdong require consumers directly from the beautiful bay to participate in the "universal acclaim" and eventually became the best-selling brand of maternal and infant charts, maternal and infant classes provide authoritative consumer index, and in cooperation with Betty "Green" has become the official launch of the domestic electricity imported milk powder first pot, in 2015, in an open pavilion and offline experience, enhance trust approval in the country with barely a second appliance business can do better.At the same time, Jingdong self-built logistics system to ensure distribution, "high-quality products and efficient logistics and distribution," destined to make Jingdong mother has a very high efficiency competitiveness.
One day the cat is an integrated platform, the first is the transfer of high-level personnel, in this period of rapid development can lead the team to seize the opportunity and rhythm unknown, the second is to stay in the minds of consumers in a very short period of time an image The function is very difficult to change, although during the day and a higher proportion of users in the cat, but why on the one hand, the overall market share of the Lynx, in fact, there is not much innovation and action, on the other hand is the day cat and Taobao, Jingdong than female users will naturally lead to growth.Lynx, however, if it continues to dissipate, to give the user only a matter of time.
Therefore, the vertical electric provider and integrated platform, baby products guaranteed authentic and distribution efficiency is bound to be about survival, re-marketing, the product is not the core is of no use, only the "high-quality products and efficient distribution" is the "eternal The "battle of maternal and infant electricity.Jingdong is one of the better domestic electricity business to do this one, spent more than 10 years has established five logistics network, spent more than a decade to optimize self-management model is accumulated since the first decade and results, so just follow the outbreak of maternal and child categories, so I Jingdong capacity for maternal and child are very confident.
However, in a relatively short time mother Jingdong electricity, there are also some problems.Haitao electricity relative to other vertical field of maternal and child development, cross-border electricity Jingdong also need time to develop.Second, the proportion of male users than female Jingdong, maternal and child development restrictions, another an important factor.How, then, Jingdong strong support "professional baby electricity supplier" How much weight?
First of all, in my opinion, is to continue to expand the "high-quality and efficient distribution of goods," such as maternal and infant electrical contractors Zulily advantages do flash sales model, orders to suppliers at the end of the transaction, then the classification, quality inspection, delivery, although logistics is near the user experience, but also on the quality of the product is almost done very slowly.Jingdong next step is the advantage of this type of vertical expansion, and constantly optimize long board.Secondly, the extension of social values ​​is one of many power companies have begun to try, but still in its infancy stage of exploration, the past six months I have been in practice, in my judgment, as the business community in the future, from the Internet to a wide network users directional filtering device, positioning is very accurate, Jingdong next should do more exploration and expansion of social investment.
In my fourth start on the road, I deeply appreciate the business the more it can stimulate the development of sincerity and goodness of human nature, and for the Group's electricity is the baby and mother, is a need for care and protection of society, so the quality of maternal and infant eternal power struggle point ..
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