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"Electricity companies to the countryside"

  • Author:Harold
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  • Release on:2015-03-26
When electricity companies to hand over the beautiful after the earnings report, the growth of electric business platform also started to look for a new direction, and channel sink as a pilot in the field of electricity in 2014 directions, also gradually by the industry recognition.Electricity to the countryside is no longer electric merchants a slogan, but implement to carry out new business.When electric merchants "take hoe" after a good game, want money money needs some electricity is injected a new driving force for agricultural electricity mode.
Electricity on rural finance
As one of jingdong's important business in 2015, jingdong financial began targeting electricity channel sinking trend, play on the white business experience and advantage, through to rural pilot credit extension, formally entered the rural finance.Jingdong group CEO, according to liu jingdong will expand support for rural financial services, the introduction of jingdong financial ious, the advantages of the microfinance financial products, solve the farmers financing difficulties, the cost is higher.According to introducing, jingdong financial has for jiangsu suqian two districts area part of the country launched rural white business agency, to alleviate rural promoters in jingdong capital advances pressure when you act as purchasing agency.
Ant gold suit, according to figures released over the past one year, more than 20 million new rural balance customers, income of 700 million yuan.Among them, dongguan, wenzhou, suzhou, quanzhou, chengdu and other places are particularly active in rural areas, openings of the top five in the nation."After 80" and "after 90" is the absolute main force users, accounted for 75% of the new rural balance treasure you last year.
, the personage inside course of study says, electricity on rural finance in rural electricity level solves the fieldwork capital advances, pressure, will be conducive to e-commerce dividends quickly will benefit the rural market, also makes the electricity channel strategy to further extend;In financial aspect is to promote the Internet finance in stimulating rural residents' consumption, solve the problem of rural residents such as financing difficulties on further work.
Perfect rural electric specification
When electricity will start to rural electricity resources after the "blue ocean", the development of rural electricity itself became the focus of attention, based on Internet is relatively weak in rural areas, how to promote the standardization of the electricity has become the electric business platform.
According to southern daily reporter learned that, by the end of 2015 before the Spring Festival, the 1st shop "specialty" China project completed all over the country more than 70 local specialty museum opened, including 64 of pavilion at the county level.After nearly a year of development, no. 1 shop "specialty" China channel opening qualification examination mechanism constantly improve.After met the strict qualification examination, need to prepare, commodity brand is prepared through company qualification certificate, the background registration store application and turn to store the opening process, such as and to pay the same as the general store opening, finishing the opening of local pavilion.According to introducing, 1 store in many target area has carried on the detailed project introduction and training, and gain the good feedback.And electricity industries in the rural areas, large electric business platform directly support greatly improve the construction of the standardization of the rural electricity.
In this regard, alibaba also rather rapidly.According to introducing, at present ali has been launched "thousand county village plan" rural strategy, and the next three to five years will invest 10 billion yuan to build 1000 operations center at the county level and 1000 service.At present, the village of "tao" has entered the national eight provinces, covering 13 counties, 295 villages.According to ali's planning, focus on the development of agricultural electricity business, it is for farmers to consumers, "net goods to the countryside" is "agricultural products into the city for urban consumers.
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