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Fruit efficacy(6)

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  • Release on:2015-03-20
11 , eat longan appetizer spleen
Longan sweet, the main effect can be an appetizer spleen , nourishing the nerves , tonic length wise

12 , eating pineapple to help digestion and absorption

Pineapple contains a unique enzyme that breaks down proteins. Therefore , if eating a lot of meat dishes , and
then chew on a few slices of fresh pineapple , good for digestion and absorption of help .

13 , eat durian promote peristalsis

Peaches and warm, sweet and sour, can be refreshing and thirst , heat lungs , the " lungs of the fruit ," said
lung disease suitable for human consumption. Peach fruit nutrient-rich, especially rich iron content , iron
deficiency anemia is an ideal diet good fruit. In addition , peaches and more potassium , sodium and less
suitable food edema . Fresh summer peaches, can YangYinShengJin , intestines dry

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