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Ceramic thermal spray

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-03-12
Ceramic thermal spray

Thermal spraying is a kind of process for the preparation of the coating, has become one of the material surface protection and strengthening of new technologies , it is the use of heat to melt or soften the coating material is heated , at a constant speed jet to the substrate surface , forming a coating . The matrix can be almost variety of materials, including metals , ceramics , glass and other inorganic materials and plastics , wood , paper , cloth and other organic materials , but are not limited to the workpiece size , large towers, bridges , small mechanical parts may be employed to heat spraying coating.

Spray material may be a metal material , ceramics , etc. may also be an inorganic non-metallic materials and ceramic - metal composite . Ceramic refers to a ceramic thermal spray coating material for thermal spray method, which was developed on the basis of thermal spraying of metallic materials , due to the ceramic coating has a lot of metal materials can not match the performance, so that the rapid development in many areas play an increasingly important role.

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