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Teflon coating has the following features.

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-03-12
Teflon coating has the following features.
1, not sticky : almost all the material is not bonded with Teflon coating Thin film also showed good adhesion
properties ( Teflon coating , Teflon coating ) .

2 , heat resistance : Teflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature properties of a short
time can be high temperature to 300 ℃, generally between 240 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ can be used continuously , with a
significant thermal stability . it can work without embrittlement at freezing temperatures , does not melt at
high temperatures . ( Teflon coating , Teflon paint ).

3 , sliding: Teflon coating has a lower coefficient of friction coefficient of sliding friction generated when
the load changes , the value only between 0.05-0.15 ( metallic paint , Teflon non-stick coating ) . 

4 , anti-wet : Teflon coating surface above water and oil production operations are not easy to dip solution ,
such as a small amount of sticky dirt, simply wipe clean downtime is short, save time and improve efficiency . (
non-stick coatings, water- Teflon coating ) 

5 , wear resistance : under high load , with excellent wear resistance at a certain load, wear-resistant and
non-adherence with the dual advantages ( fluorine resin Teflon coating , high temperature paint ) . 

6 , corrosion resistance : Teflon almost free from drugs erosion, to protect parts from being any kind of
chemical corrosion ( Teflon paint, wear-resistant Teflon coating ) . 

7, the safety performance : As a non-toxic paint solid components , excluding ammonium perfluorooctanoate , form
a rational process , and therefore non-toxic coatings are widely used in cooking , medicine, food containers,
etc. ( high temperature paint, not Teflon . stick coatings, high temperature Teflon coating )

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