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Industry also a revolution, the possibility of future robot to replace the manual?

  • Author:Dragon
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-03-06
Rising labor costs , the robot with " faster than expected " into the shop , into the factory , into the lives of the general public . 2013 , China surpassed Japan to become the world's largest market for industrial robots .
According to incomplete statistics, the number of Chinese companies have more than 400 robots , industrial robots built around the park as many as thirty or forty , many of whom spend billions of dollars ( RMB) generous ; at least 30 cities will robotics industry as a key development target .
"China 's large-scale development of industrial robots has come ." Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAI He Gao said.
International Federation of Robotics (IFR) is expected , due to the vigorous implementation of automated production , in 2017 China will be the scale of industrial robots in the world and the industrial robot " posts" will enter the fast lane .
In addition to the siren song of industrial robots, close to the daily life of service robots are frequent appearances China . In Beijing , Hangzhou , Chengdu , Hefei , chef robot , the robot waiter duties, pantry , cooking , room orderly , attracted many customers come here ; can lead the way in the supermarket talking robot Purchasing Guide people also get " points praise ."
Especially during the Spring Festival "labor shortage" , so that does not require a wage and the rest of the robot is more affected by the blitz.
Jiangsu, a hot pot restaurant boss Zhang Cheng Cheng said that this year half of the shop attendants are home for the holiday , and the couple at another recruit , desperation had to spend 70,000 yuan to buy a robot when pantry workers .
It is foreseeable that , in the case of rigid rising labor costs in China , with more robots instead of human will no longer be an emergency move, but the general trend.
Guangzhou was launched by the end of 2014 "machine substitutions " action plan in 2017 to more than 60 percent of industrial enterprises above designated size should the use of industrial robots and other intelligent manufacturing equipment .
According to the plan of the Ministry of China , 2020 China 's robot density ( per thousand employees using several robots ) should reach 100 or more.
Boston Consulting recently released a report that , over the next decade better performance, lower cost alternative to artificial robot will accelerate this trend is particularly evident in East Asia , China will become one of the countries to promote relatively rapid robot . This will help save money , improve labor productivity.
In China, a populous country , "Machine substitutions " to accelerate the pace of employment will make more " pressure Alexander " ?
At present, this problem has nothing to worry about , because China 's robot density is far behind the developed countries , is still " catching up ."
According to IFR data , Chinese manufacturing industry, per 10,000 workers only have 30 robots , which is South Korea's 437 units, 323 units in Japan , Germany, a far cry from 282 units .
"In other words , the current application of Chinese manufacturing industry robot is almost negligible ." Qu Road Kui , deputy director of China's National Robotics Engineering Center said.
In addition , the limitations of the robot itself also determines the massive popularity of the current is not realistic. Qu Road Kui pointed out that China now called the manufacturing sector is actually a robot manipulator , namely " no hands arms " in the accuracy , speed and load has advantages , but "smart and strong work now can not do ." because 80% of the work depends on the human hand to complete, and only 20 percent complete by the arm .
Qu Road Kui suggested that it should focus on improving the effective coordination mechanism robot and co operations , complementary advantages, to avoid falling into " robots and people can only choose one" choice.