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Pressure casting " three elements"

  • Author:Dragon
  • Source:http://www.diecastingpartsuppl
  • Release on:2015-03-04
Die casting, die casting machines and die casting process are the three elements of pressure casting . From the case study can be looked at in conjunction with the three closely . After die- workers to understand the relationship between the three, and make realistic adjustments in production to迏to improve the quality of casting , die casting die casting production efficiency and reduce production costs.
Die-casting mold, die casting machine , die casting process is a critical pressure "three elements ." These three elements is to ensure the quality of casting , die casting improve productivity and reduce an important factor in casting production costs. And the role of the relationship between the three as follows:
Die casting - is the most important pressure casting tool, which is the three elements of the most critical elements . As long as die casting gating system with a reasonable , rational mold structure , there are reasonable precision mold manufacturing , has all of the important conditions for pressure casting . It can make up for some lack of die-casting machine , you can relax on the die casting process parameters corresponding adjustment range , which gives great convenience casting production , die-casting process parameters adjustment much more convenient , which increased the guarantee casting quality and reliability.Some people say that the need to build as much pressure casting fool ( very easy to adjust the process parameters ) mold is this meaning. Many people say that the importance of the pressure die casting foundry technology accounted for 60 % of GDP , there are a lot of people say the importance of accounting for pressure casting 70-80 percent of GDP , no matter how much , which reflects the die-casting mold its importance in the eyes of many people . In short the importance of die-casting mold which occupies the first three elements .
Die casting machine - is an important device in pressure Casting. ; Pressure casting an important condition for success ; it is both mold installation site ; they are adjusting the process parameters premises , play an important role in connecting link . Die-casting machine performance has a direct impact on the level of production of casting quality and production efficiency.
Die-casting process parameters - actually the casting molds and die casting machines linked bonds . If you have good quality and good performance of the die casting machine , die-casting process parameters adjustment range is more relaxed , very convenient to adjust the process parameters . If one of the above conditions are poor , adjusting the process parameters much more difficult , which is adjusted , and a slight but certain technological factors as changes directly affect the die casting production quality and production efficiency , resulting in the production quality is not stable. So die casting process parameters must compensate for the lack of the first two .
The first three have to be the case in close cooperation in order to improve the quality of casting , pressure die casting to bring overall benefits. Each die- workers , should in actual production practice, we should recognize the relationship between the three , to deal with practical problems in production .