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Israel--Science and Technology

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Israel--Science and Technology

Before and after the 1990s , Israel accepted the one million Jewish immigrants from around the world , most of which is a very high level of education , full of high-tech talent venture spirit . Under this wave of technology and talent led the charge , plus a series of market reforms after 2004 , the Israeli economy by leaps and bounds

Today, the world's leading companies, including Intel , IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard , Yahoo , Google, Sun Microsystems , has a research and development center in Israel . The number of Israeli companies listed on Nasdaq after the United States , more than 75 , including the world's largest generic pharmaceutical companies Teva, Israel's largest companies and the global Internet Security Products giant Check Point Software Technologies , as well as well-known defense contractors Elbit systems

Israel to catch up with the global green trend , and gradually concentrate our efforts in the clean technology sector to be out one day . In 2006, Warren Buffett invested $ 4 billion to buy the Israeli maker of metal 80 % stake in Iscar , its first outside the United States is the Buffett investment. In 2007 , foreign investment for the Israeli economy to inject more than ten billion US dollars

Affected by the weakness of the US economy , the Israeli efforts to strengthen science and technology markets in Asia and Eastern Europe , 2008 forecast of 3.2% economic growth rate . To the country 's central bank said that , if the Government to further enhance labor , with the improvement of education , the annual growth rate of at least 4% of the insurable

Israel's development of science and technology for quite a significant contribution . Since its founding , Israel has been committed to technology research and development in science and engineering , Israeli scientists in genetics, computer science, optics , engineering, and the contribution of other technology industry are quite prominent on . Israel developed the industry's most well-known is its military technology industry , research and development in agriculture , physics and medicine are also fairly well-known

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