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Wailing Wall

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  • Release on:2015-02-05
Wailing Wall

Wailing Wall , also known as the Western Wall , Jerusalem Old City Walls ancient Jewish Second Temple period the
country , the only remaining sites is the second temple parapet , Judaism to be seen as the first shrine of the
wall , to the wall Hindus patients should be weeping , to express condolences to the ancient temple and look
their recovery。

Wailing Wall of about 20 meters , 50 meters long , the middle wall separated , men and women are different when
prayer wall before entering the square , men must wear the traditional hat , if not a hat , paper hat supplies
are also available at the entrance . Many lingered in prayer , or to hand on the wall , or recite verses or
words written on a piece of paper inserted into the prayer room wall crevice . After thousands of years of wind
and rain , and the touch of pilgrims , the Wailing Wall is also general luminous stone , Ruqirusu general。

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